Re-reading Ashes


Today I began to read again my own book Beyond the Ashes and was surprised to find how much I was enjoying it. God evoked in me again the sheer wonder of what He enabled me to pen many years ago.

I know the book is available in many bookstores but I also have numerous copies that I have a fresh impetus to share with others. If you are reading this get in touch with me and I will send you a copy and then we can enjoy this journey together, A book set in 1970 but still with a heartbeat for those who still want peace, LOVE and forgiveness to rule in their lives.



Char-Lee is a new and loved addition to the family and I am so thankful that my writing life and inspiration still flows even though the years since I wrote Ashes are so Long Age. Charlee discovers a tiny bear dancing in the toilet sensor light. A new story Barney the Bell Bell was added to the story.


Ashes is still alive

This 1970 book is still generating some interest and requests to republish have been many. At this time of my life I am grateful for all that has gone and I know what I have ever written will ever be a fire in my heart but folk interested can either contact me or try on line for copies either used or available in libraries.


A return

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I am again today reminded of ALL the rich writing resources I have. This site is about Beyond the ASHES which is my first published novel, In the season of my 2022 Memoir published and all the things happening. I was reminded I pay now a small monthly fee for this blog site. I desire to keep it just for this Australian story of 1970. Should I keep it ‘Live’ here? I hope to rekindle love for the people and for our country. Value any comments. My friends who once were very helpful have either ‘gone home’ or do not use technology. Any visitor here is welcome. I will revamp and add to info here if it is wanted by someone. Cherers1


Beyond the ASHES – blog check.


A decision TO upgrade this site

Book Cover

21st June 2022. I have discovered that this book is still ‘Alive out there somewhere’ and is worthy of being preserved here on line. I will prayerfully consider now upgrading it with WordPress as part of my whole legacy life,